Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tri-ing Times....

I had to post this picture first because this is my #1 fan! I could not have thought about doing this triathlon without the help and support I got from Eric. He watched kids so I could train, put up with me being unbearably grouchy from nerves, got us a hotel room so I would have a quiet place to rest, helped me at every transition, and stood out in the heat on a heat advisory day to cheer me on. At first I was going to travel to Safford by myself for the triathlon, but Eric rearranged schedules so that he and our kids could be there cheering me on. The week of the race I knew I would not have been able to do it without the support of Eric and our wonderful kids! I am grateful to have a husband who holds the priesthood and who was able to give me a blessing the night before the race. About halfway through the race, I realized my body would not have been able to do the things it did without a priesthood blessing. Thanks Eric!!!!!
This is the only picture I got of Sonda (left), Laura (middle), and I. It may not be perfect but it shows our honest emotion of the day. Laura was the one who suggested we do a triathlon. I always thought it would be cool to do one but did not think I had the athletic ability to do so. Over the last couple of months Sonda and Laura have pushed me to do things that I thought my body could not physically do. Not only that, they have both pushed me to be better spiritually, I am so lucky to have these to women as friends and examples. A week before the race we were really nervous, Laura suggested we go to the temple together. It was such a great feeling to be in the temple with Laura and Sonda doing something that I needed more than anything at that point. As the race approached we all became so nervous again that we were feeling sick and grouchy! Laura and Sonda decided we needed to focus on something other than us and suggested we become "Carter's Angels". Carter is a little boy in our ward who has great struggles but alway has a smile on his sweet face. His mom, Lacee was amazing and got us "Carter's Angels" shirts overnight! I will post pics of them later -they totally rock! With a new focus and great friends at my side this was one of the best experiances of my life!

I actually don't know the correct way to swim so I am glad Eric got at least one picture of my face in the water so it looks like I know what I am doing. Mad props to Sheree who tried to show me how to swim the week before the tri!

We had incredable support from all of our families and friends. Probably one of the best things about that day was the way our cheer section cheered not just for each one of us but for the others. Our families and friends had not met before the day of the race yet they all hung out together and cheered us on. During the bike portion they would jump in their cars, park on the side of the road and cheer for us. When we passed them they would get back in their cars, head a few miles up the road and do it again. There was no greater feeling than seeing our cheer section waiting for us! This is a great picture of Sonda's friend affectionatly called "Mama Aj", she was giving me tips on how to beat Sonda at the first transition. Of course, as soon as I was gone she was probably telling Sonda how to beat me. I had only met her one other time but I know why the Bryces love this family so much!

Eric was so helpful at the transitions and at different points during the bike portion. He was quick to help me with anything I needed, especially things I wasn't even thinking about. As usual he was not only helping me but anyone else who needed an extra hand. At one point a boy started taking the wrong path on the run and Eric got him turned around headed in the right direction. He is truly my knight in shining armor!

Sorry to throw you under the bus Sonda, but I love this picture. She is yelling "Brooke is kicking my butt" o.k. so she didn't say butt, I'm just trying to keep it clean. This is great motivation for me. Actually she totally caught up to me in the run!
2nd transition, I couldn't get my legs to work, Eric was taking my bike so I could start running. I didn't have enough breath to tell him I was using the bike as a crutch. Eventually I started moving on my own, just not very fast!

The FINSH LINE!!!!! No words can explain what I felt so I will leave it at that!

One of the happiest moments of my life! I had shade, water, I was sitting, and I had just accomplished a major goal.....true satisfaction right there! Another example of the outrageus support we had, Garett Bryce stood by his "favorite mom" until Sonda crossed the finish line!

The best parents ever! My mom and dad came all the way to Safford, got a hotel room, woke up super early on a Saturday morning and stood in the heat for over two hours just to cheer me on. Who knew I would be 32, have a husband, 5 kids, and still need my dad and mom!