Friday, June 27, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis?

So, I think this is part of my mid life crisis. It made me feel pretty good that being 30 and haveing birthed 5 kids I could still do a back flip on the trampoline! I know this will not last much longer so I had Eric capture a kodak moment so I can look back and say, "see what I used to be able to do?" However, after looking back at the pics, I realized it's not really a back flip but a back hand spring with no hands! Oh well, it still makes me feel like a kid!

Friday, June 20, 2008


June 6th was Eric's birthday, he got to spend that day with his scouts at scout camp. They went golfing in Snowflake so it's not like he was roughing it too much on his big day. He returned home the next day and needless to say we were very happy to see him! The kids had all made him cards and his awesome wife found camouflage wrapping paper for his gifts. Another day older and wiser too, love ya babe!

Brotherly Love

Braden loves to hold Grady, usually Grady is good to go along with whatever the other kids do. He usually will let the kids pack him around, and he even won't cry when Braden wrestles him! However, sometimes enough is enough. We just love these little boys!

More bragging on my girls

So one night Eric was out of town and I was extremely busy holding down the fort by myself. I was making dinner and Hailey said she wanted cornbread with the chili I was making. I told her I did not have enough time to make it, she and Cambree said they would do it. I gave them the cookbook, they followed the recipe, and made cornbread from scratch all by themselves! My goal is life is this: I have 3 daughters, hopefully one will love cooking, one will love sewing, and one will love cleaning so that one day I will not have to do any of it! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008


We are very proud of Hailey and Cambree. Both girls worked very hard in school this year! At the end of the year each teacher got to choose only 5 or 6 students to recieve awards for accomplishments made during the school year. Both of our girls were chosen to recieve awards. Now it's on to 2nd grade for Hailey and 4th grade for Cambree! WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!! By the way, love the typical big sister pose! :)
A big thanks to Great-Grandma Carpenter and Grandma Garner for attending the awards ceremony!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rocky Point

Theres nothing like shopping in Mexico!
BFF's ;)

Handsome Boy!

Staying busy in the sand

Ryan, Cambree, and Sydney-Snorkeling fools!

The BOYZ chillin' in the shade on the beach

Our family LOVES to go to Rocky Point!!! It dawned on me our last trip that we never have taken a family picture on the beach. This year we attempted it! Thanks to Jessica Ball for taking pictures and her assistant Nathan who worked like crazy to try and get everyone to look at the camera at the same time (what a concept)! In the kids defense the sun was right in our eyes. Some of our favorite things about Rocky Point:

1. Chicken Hut, need I say more?!!!!
2. Snorkeling, Eric is teaching Cambree and Hailey to snorkel and they love it!
3. the sand is the babysitter
4. catching little sea creatures in the tide pools

5. Hangn' out with friends and family, doing a whole lot of nothing

6. Venders on the beach- this year we discovered Mangos on a stick!

7. Just relaxing with my little family! :)