Saturday, December 8, 2007

We had a great Thanksgiving day this year! Eric took Alyssa and Braden to a park in our neighborhood and played football with some of the men in our ward. Cambree, Hailey, and I ran the 1 mile fun run at Red Mountain Park. This was Hailey's first year to run, I was so proud of her, she did great and was anxious to get her t-shirt afterward! Cambree of course left us in the dust, she is a good runner with those long legs! I am happy to report that 7 months pregnant I still passed a few other runners and did not finish last. I had a great time with the girls that morning, our family sure worked up big appetites for all of the yummy food that day!

This is typical Alyssa and Braden. They are the best of friends, always wrestling and laughing. This was the first day we had rain in a long time so of course they had to make the best of it. They loved jumping in the rain and getting all wet. I don't know what we did for entertainment before these two naughty kids were part of our family, we love them so much!

This was taken before attending a party for all of the people in our ward who turned 30 this last year! We had a blast at the Heaths house that night and it was fun to dress from our era again. I forgot how long it takes to get my hair curled and ratted just right! Eric's mullet is becoming a weekend event at our house, I had to pack it away after the party, I am a little bit afraid he will get attached to it and try to wear it to work.


In October, Lacey and I got to visit the Asburry side of our family in Georgia and Florida. We had a blast hanging out with grandpa, grandma, Norma, Donny, Sherry and her family! Lacey got brave and ate alligator for the first time (YUM!) This is a little resturaunt in St. Augustine, FL where grandpa used to cook!
Sharing the truth with Donnie and Sherry! We were lucky that the missionaries were having lunch at the same time we were. I am sure Donny and Sherry will never take me to lunch again!