Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grady Man

Our little Grady man turned 1 on the 10th! This year has gone by too fast and he is growing way too fast for me! We celebrated his birthday on Friday night with our families and some friends, the Bryces and Hursts. Unfortunately, Grady was a little under the weather this weekend. He was not himself on Friday night and was pretty sick on Saturday, the advantage of this is Saturday he wanted to be held all day and wanted to cuddle-who could pass that up?! We sure love this little boy and couldn't imagine our family without him!
Grandpa Garner held the birthday boy while we sang to him, probably a good thing since grandpa actually has a good singing voice! :)

Poor little Grady was FREEZING while he ate his cake! He was already cold before we stripped him down, then it didn't help that the cake was also fresh out of the fridge. Obviously it did not stop him from chowing!

I love this picture, luckily he is too young to know any better. His sisters and cousins couldn't help opening presents for him since he was so slow and really had no clue what he was doing. Thanks everyone for the noisy, obnoxious toys, just remember payback is coming!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby News!

This is my brand new neice, Ellie May Asburry. She was born on January 8th to my brother, Riley and his wife Annette. I am so excited I just had to show her off! She looks so much like her big (kind of) sister Ava who is only 12 months old! They are definatly going to have their hands full but we are so happy Ellie is here! This is going to be a great year, I am happy to annoucne that I am NOT pregnant! Even though we love babies at our house, it is nice to take a break and enjoy all of our little neices and nephews who will come into our family this year. So far we know we are getting 4 (including Ellie) unless anyone else wants to announce! :) I love that I can enjoy these babies and not be soar and not stay up all night feeding! Good luck Riley and Annette!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Eric and I both had time off while the kids were home from school, we had many great and wonderful projects planned to accomplish around the house, but instead we enjoyed sleeping in, playing games, watching movies, and a couple of trips to the zoo. Our zoo pass has been one of our best investments! We went to the Phoenix zoo and then found we could use our pass at the Tucson Zoo, I'll post pictures of that later.....maybe!
This poor boy can't go too long without a snack, I can't wait until he's a teenager!


Who can resist Grady-man?!