Monday, March 31, 2008

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Alright, so this is the result of spending an evening with the Garner family! We had some friends (the Smiths, the Albrechtsens, and the Roches) over the other night, these fine Hoochies are all in the RS presidency. Since we did more socializing than anything else at our last meeting I thought it would be a good idea to get the socializing out of the way before our next meeting. The night ended with Becky (the big bad president) chugging the Dr. Pepper! Good times, good times. I'll probably be released after this post!;)


My sister-in-law came out to make bread with me last week. Her baby Ava is 3 weeks older than Grady. I love that my kids are finally getting cousins their same age, it was so fun to watch the babies on the blanket together. Pretty much they just poked each other in the eye but it was still dang cute! By the way, even though Ava is older and weighed more at birth, Grady has passed her up in weight already! What a little chunk!

Not to be left out, Alyssa had to get in on the action and pose with the babies! Cute girl!

Our 10th wedding anniversary was March 6th, it was very romantic...Eric had round table, I had a Presidency meeting and then a PTO meeting. Actually, the PTO meeting was at Big Daddy's so I brought home some onion rings and fried zucchini and we sat on the couch that night watching t.v. and eating fried was awesome! It's nice that we don't feel like we have to stress about fancy gifts or dinner, after 10 years our favorite thing to do is just chill! Anyway, Eric did give me a zoo pass which I thought was way cool, so on St. Patricks day we took the kids to the zoo. It was the first time we have gone as a family and we had a blast! Above is the cool sting ray exhibit they have, the shadow by our hands in one of the sting rays.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Eric is a little more studly to me since he got his elk back from the taxidermist. When I saw how massive his elk is and then remembered he took it archery I was thinkn' he is quite the man! His elk is so big, he and Audie had to take a screen off the window of the 2nd story of the house and bring it through the window because it would not fit up the hallway where the stairs are. I'm thinking it's a pretty good security system for me, if someone tries to come up the stairs at night they are going to get the crap scared out of them!

This is what happens when I baby-sit your kids! The girls disappeared into the bathroom for quite a while, when I finally decided to get off my butt and see what they were doing I found them covered in beautiful make-up. Charly had brought a purse full of make-up over and it made for great entertainment all night!


So I missed going to see Penelope with Laura but I thought it was such a good idea, so I took my girls to see it. It was a blast to go to the movies with just my girls (and Grady) Eric's mom also came! I thought the movie had a good message for girls, we had a nice little chat in the car on the way home about how Penelope had to learn to love herself no matter what she looked like!


Braden loves to be on the farm!!! As soon as we stop the car, he jumps out and runs to the barn to help grandpa. He and Blaise love looking at grandpas cows. The beautiful trailer in the background is where we started out....good times! Eric's dad just bought the tractor in the back, Braden got to ride it the other day and thought he was hot snot!
COWGIRLS?! I think not, Uncle Kevin tried to persuade the girls to ride some of the calfs on the farm. Hailey was terrified, Cambree had fun as long as Kevin did not let go of her. I had fun just standing back trying to get some good pictures!

Grady blessing

Grady was blessed on March 2, what a happy boy! He is such a good baby!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For her 9th birthday I took Cambree and some of her friends to get their nails painted in a salon. Needless to say, they all thought they were pretty hot stuff! I usually paint my girls nails and put flower stickers on their nails from wal-mart. When Cambree was showing me her nails after she was done, she said, "look mom, I got flowers with real paint, they're not even stickers!" Cambree had a blast that night with Megan, Savannah, and Rachel. Savannah gave her a little nail kit for her birthday which she hides under her comforter so Hailey and Alyssa won't find it. The other night when I thought everyone was asleep I found Cambree in her closet with the light on filing her nails! What a grown up girl she is!

O.k., so it is more fun than you can imagine trying to get a picture of all the kids together! It was not until later that I realized Braden was wearing his oatmeal on his shirt! Oh well, I am just glad they were all looking at the camera and smiling! I sure love these kids!!!

One morning we woke up with a nice layer of frost on everything, the kids thought it was snow at first. They all ate it off the trampoline and then jumped on the slippery trampoline. So they are pretty easy to amuse, they played that morning in a thin layer of frost just like it was real snow!

Alyssa was playing tackle with Braden and Eric's brothers during the super bowl. Some how she hit her chin on the corner of our ottoman (which is padded) and ended up with four stitches in her chin! All of Eric's family was at our house for dinner, he took Alyssa to urgent care, when she was done she called home and said, "hi mom, I got 4 titches, can I talk to grandma and grandpa?" I was feelin' the love! The nurses at urgent care spoiled her rotten with all these beautiful stickers, she thought her little trip to get stitches was awesome!