Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Granny and Papa"

I found out that my cute little hillbilly grandma and grandpa Asburry in Georgia who I love more than life itself, have been looking at my blog. That gives me good reason to update my blog! Hope you enjoy the pictures of Grady. You need to have Christina show you how to make a comment! :) Grady now has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. He had a heck of a time teething but even when he is crying we still think he is soooo cute!
This is when our little Grady man started crawling, he is 7 months old in these pictures! Now he knows how to go up the stairs. We are still working on teaching him to go down the stairs without getting any new bruises!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm on the PTO board at Cambree and Hailey's school. The past two years we have put on a fall festival that requires TONS of hours of hard work and preperation but is rewarding in the end. The week before the festival, I have a plan to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Everyone one has to cooperate with my plan for it to go smoothly, this year my kids (and my immune system) did not get this memo. Here is how this fantastic week went:
Alyssa and Braden came inside very proud to announce to me that they made a river in the backyard. They weren't kidding, and yes, that is my lawnmower that I did not put away sitting in water! Another PTO member came over with her daughter so she and I could work on stuff for the festival. Of course Alyssa and Braden took her daughter Georgia staight to the "river" to play in the mud! Since that day Georgia has been asking her mom to take her to the "water house"!
I started to loose my voice and didn't feel so hot but put that on the back burner because things for the festival were falling apart left and right. Thank goodness for Eric who was such a HUGE help last week! Saturday, Braden woke up with a fever, we druged him and somehow made it through the day. I don't know how, but we managed to pull off a successful fall festival that night! By Sunday that poor little Braden was really sick. I took him to an urgent care by our house and they sent us on to the ER. I had strep and pneumonia, poor little Braden had tonsillitis, a throat infection (not strep), and Mono of all things! After an I.V., some sprite and a popsicle, he was ready to come home!
A BIG THANKS to friends who have helped with my house and kids (you know who you are)!