Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Hailey!

August 29th was Haileys 7th birthday. When she came downstairs the living room was decorated with hot pink streamers and "happy birthday" balloons! She chose to have french toast for breakfast. Eric takes the kids to breakfast for their birthdays but they decided to wait until Saturday to have their breakfast date. On Saturday she chose McDonalds for breakfast and I think she ordered one of everything on the breakfast menu! Nothing like getting spoiled on your birthday!
All Hailey asked for was a "my e pet" she was thrilled to get a pink poodle!

Haileys birthday was on a Friday, that night we went to a family dance at her school. She had lots of fun at the dance and after it was over, grandpa and grandma Asburry came over for cake and ice cream! Saturday, we had a birthday party for her cousin Kallie, and finally on Sunday we had a big family party at our house. She ended the party weekend with Kallie and some of Erics brothers spending the night at our house so they could go dove hunting Monday morning!
Happy Birthday Hailey!
We Love You!!!


If you leave your kids at my house, I will not actually "watch" them!
Alyssa, Braden, Blaise, and Emily plastered themselves and my wall in the time it took me to take a quick phone call. O.K., so maybe there is no such thing as a quick phone call at my house, I should have known something was wrong because the kids were so quiet outside. It was not until Emily came into my house and stood on my CARPET that I found out what they were up to! With the words that followed when I saw her standing on the carpet, it's a good thing Sonda was the one on the phone!:) I thought it would be punishment to spray them down with the hose, however, with this rowdy crowd I should have known better, they thought it was the most fun they had all day!