Thursday, February 12, 2009

Charlies Angels

This is a month late but I had to post about the lunch date I had with my good friends Jenny and Velvet. The three of us have not been together in way too long, it was great to meet up with these girls and do some catching up! Back in the day we had more fun with squirt guns than anyone should have and probably broke a couple of laws but whatever, we had a blast and alway had a good laugh! We met at Joe's Farm Grill, I had never been there. The food was really good, the weather was great and it was so fun to be with Jenny and Velvet again. Alright girls, it has been a month, time to get together again!


gray-gang said...

Ohh to the good ole days! I sure do miss those times...I would suggest doing some of our old tricks again but I dont think it would settle too good with 30yr old women getting kicked out of Walmart for trying on all the hunting clothes and taking pictures with bows and arrows, etc, or driving around town with a fake arm hanging out of our truck while following random people scaring the daylights out of them or even fake asking people to the prom...We would down right be admitted to the closest insane asylum....oh to the good ole' days!!

Curtis + Dani Welton said...

Hey! I put up the pictures of Grady on our blog so you can steal them.

dawniehadley said...

Brooke, I just love you to death. I love keeping up with your family through your stories and pictures. We are so excited for you to come to Utah. Happy Easter!