Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby News!

This is my brand new neice, Ellie May Asburry. She was born on January 8th to my brother, Riley and his wife Annette. I am so excited I just had to show her off! She looks so much like her big (kind of) sister Ava who is only 12 months old! They are definatly going to have their hands full but we are so happy Ellie is here! This is going to be a great year, I am happy to annoucne that I am NOT pregnant! Even though we love babies at our house, it is nice to take a break and enjoy all of our little neices and nephews who will come into our family this year. So far we know we are getting 4 (including Ellie) unless anyone else wants to announce! :) I love that I can enjoy these babies and not be soar and not stay up all night feeding! Good luck Riley and Annette!


The Lowes said...

She's a cutie, aren't nieces and nephews the best

Tom and Joanne Asburry said...

I am so impressed that you updated your blog so darn fast! The pictures are really cool. Good job!

Lindsey said...

DOn't worry you still have time to have a baby before the year ends. Haha